Why Is Lead Generation Agency Important for Your Business?

Lead generation agency is the specialized and expert consultant to boost the business prospect of any firm owner. They have a long experience in this segment and successfully boost the productivity of a business enterprise. According to Econsultancy statistics, 2016, on an average, around 22% of firms get good conversion rates.

Starting from a general business to e-commerce stores, lead generation agency is the most vital part of any business. Business needs clients from time to time. So, it is imperative for firms and entrepreneurs to specify their requirements to a lead generation agency and gains more customers.

1) Expert Team and Services

Hiring a lead generation agency is nothing short of enhancing one’s business prospect. These consultants have a team of dedicated experts and subject matter specialists in various domains such as writers, copy editors, SEO executives and graphic designers as well. 

Another plus point of hiring lead generation strategy is that it handles both the creative and marketing department of a firm to enhance its productivity and goodwill also.

For example: in adverse situations, when a firm goes through tumultuous times, then lead generation consultant acts as a savior. He not only helps his clients get more business but also salvage the pride and reputation of the client when he goes through tough times.

2) Being Result Oriented

Lead generation agency always works with a result motive. In fact, companies hire or partner with them with an intention to grow leap and bounds. Their primary object is to grow business of their clients. Around 68% of B2B communications take place for acquiring leads.

3) Marketing Automation Software

These automation programs have come to market around a decade back. They are vitally relevant for any business owner. These software tools give a broad picture of analytics, workflow, and other data to stay abreast of the current market trends.

Lead generation agency does use these software programs to offer the best service to their clients. HubSpot, Marketo, Serps, and Moz amongst the others are some example of these software tools being used by lead generation companies.

4) Channelizing Cold Calls

No doubt, a company finds it extremely difficult to convert sales through cold calls. That’s why a new statistics has revealed that only 2% of cold calls eventually turn into an appointment. 

Lead Generation Company, on the other hand, gives massive impetus to a firm’s lead generation capabilities. Suppose a client gets a list of 200+ general undecided leads. 

Then it will be a responsibility for the lead generation consultant to keep a tab on these 200+ leads and determine which one would be the next prospective clients or not.

5) Lead Prioritization and Strategizing Follow-Up

These days, lead generation firms have come up with a newer technique called lead scoring. Such technique is extremely important for a firm’s sales team to follow up qualified leads to a logical conclusion or turning the same into a valuable sales conversion.

A long-term process starts with developing a enduring relationship with clients. Eventually, if the clients stay satisfied with the effort, it goes on to multiply the company’s goodwill in actual terms.

Amongst all other things, content marketing has evolved out the most emerging trend for content marketing and digital strategy. As per the latest statistics, 93% of B2B firms have opined that content marketing generates far more leads than traditional marketing strategies.

6) Cut the Crap and Identify Potential Leads

When a firm got well-qualified leads that are easily identifiable then the firm is likely to garner the better response on its products and services. 

Online buyers are little doubtful about what they will go to buy that’s why lead generation agency acts as a ready reckoner to them. 

Usually, lead generation professionals never indulge in things that won’t lead to prosperity of their clients. In short, they cut the crap and focus on qualified leads only.

Lead generation agency not just collects great leads but also smoothens out the entire process of online buying and selling by addressing customers’ concerns and queries.

7) Better Rapport with Buyers

A lead generation agency is an expert at enhancing the relationship between buyers and the firm. A Lead generation agency is likely to help identify the right buyer of the firm with its inherent research and development studies.

8) Online Visibility and Presence

It is well known that global e-commerce will reach around 4-trillion USD by 2021. This shows the worldwide prevalence of online shopping in itself. A lead generation agency will not only help to enhance the site views, but it will also boost sales of the firm.

For example: an apparel manufacturing company hires a lead generation agency asks it to boost its sales. Then the agency will obviously boost sales alongside ensuring higher ranking of the site on search engine pages across the world having its universal presence. 

Lead generation agency keeps a tab on all visitors and zeroes in on the customers who show greater interest in buying and furnishing their further details to book orders for such products online.

9) No need for PPC

It is another benefit of lead generation agency. Usually, firms spend a lot of money towards advertising their brands but lead generation agency usually considers it as its own responsibility.

They do round the clock SEO and other related activities to ensure that the company’s website or any particular e-commerce store appears on top of the Google and Bing Search Engine Result Page (SERP). 

Technically speaking, higher ranking on organic search is always a better option than PPC or Google Adwords campaign.

10) Lead Generation Strategies

The lead generation consultant also implements successful lead generation strategies for their client for better results and more promotions of the entrepreneurs.

The latest research studies say that 93% of B2B communications begins with online search and communication. No doubt, lead generation consultant has a lot of ideas to turn your startup into a full-fledged business firm.

11) Appointment Setting Deals

Lead generation firms also successfully carry the appointment setting deals for clients. Under this system, client directly gets to connect with customers and prospective lead at a neutral venue where all necessary discussions relating to business could take place.

New statistics by a reputed website leaseasale.com have revealed an interesting datum. The statistics further says 48% of sales people or personnel engaged in spearheading a company’s sales and marketing departments are likely to not to follow up with prospects for reasons whatsoever.

In such a situation, it could lead to a massive loss of opportunities for a firm. That’s why lead generation consultant acts as a blessing in disguise in that scenario. They successfully conduct a meet between client and prospective customers eventually leading to sales.

Key Lead Generation Techniques and Approach

Lead generation is not a child’s play. It is the basis on which the foundation of every business firm stays on. A Lead generation consultant goes on to build the reputation of the firm from a scratch. So, a firm obviously needs these professionals’ service and help.

Lead generation is like a two-edged weapon for a firm to win against all competitions and cut-throat business rivalries all around. Before making an online purchase of any product, the latest statistics say that 94% of B2B buyers research online contents and sources.

Hiring a lead generation strategy is a multipronged approach. Starting from gathering lead to identify them into qualified and unqualified leads followed by making calls to each of the leads, lead generation tactics go exactly towards enhancing the rapport with prospective customers.

The Conclusion

There are several ways of lead generation techniques, and consultants are expert at providing all necessary services to their clients. 

It includes a plethora of essential activities like SEO, Blog Services, Content Strategies and general appointment setting services too. In a nutshell, lead generation is the lifeline of any business.

In recent statistics, new data claims that 76% of B2B buyers use different modes of channels while researching for potential purchase. These consultants also use omni channels mode of communication on behalf of their clients for promotional purposes.

Also, these channels act as a vital link for company’s future growth and survival amidst the widespread cut-throat competitions all around. These days, it’s impossible to imagine success of a business firm without hiring a lead generation firm.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/lead-generation-agency-importance/

Ways to Use Conversational Marketing to Generate More Leads

One of the biggest challenges a business struggle with is the generation of leads. According to Jump lead, 61% of the B2B companies say that lead generation is one of their biggest challenges.

Without enough leads in the sales pipeline, it becomes impossible for a business to make enough sales.

If you take a closer look at the modern marketing strategy, you will notice that marketing has changed. It is not just about offering products or services. The success of any strong sales system depends on technology, marketing, and human behavior.

A closer look at the marketing strategies of modern times indicates that the market has gone beyond just offering products. Today, a brand’s success doesn’t only depend on the product it offers. It also depends on the use of these three basics – technology, marketing, and human behavior.

The intersection of these three core things has led to Conversation Marketing in lead generation.

What is Conversation Marketing?

This is a one-to-one approach marketing that involves the use of chatbot to communicate with customers to shorten the sales cycle, learning about customers, and improving the human buying experience.

Let us explain.

A lot of companies use chatbots on their website to communicate with potential customers. Chatbots are AI computer programs that behave like real-life customer service representatives. 

If you have visited any website in the past, you will find chatbots on the left-right corner of a website’s homepage.

The main purpose of a chatbot is to provide human-like customer support. When a customer lands on the website, the bot will start asking them questions. These questions are meant to start a conversation with the customer.

A chatbot can ask for contact information and more details about the query the customer is asking. When a company has an excellent conversational marketing strategy in place, they won’t have to wait for prospective customers to fill up a lead form.

For conversational marketing to work, you have to put yourself into the customer’s shoes and answer the questions they want to ask. That explains why conversational marketing uses real-time messaging and intelligent chatbots to engage with customers.

What that means is, you will not follow-ups on leads every time or nurture them.

Benefits Of Conversational Marketing

Two main benefits of Conversational Marketing are:

a) Get valuable marketing data and insights

b) More sales achieved in lesser time

If you compare the services offered by chatbots and that of a sales representative, you will notice chatbots are fast. Potential customers will have no problem interacting with these chatbots.

When customers reach out to these chatbots, they get prompt responses. And the results are they will feel heard and satisfied with the response. With a quick response, a customer is assured of a quick solution.

What makes human support representatives lag is the delay in response or inappropriate behavior. The results of this is customer satisfaction. When a customer is satisfied, they become a lifelong customer. This is an experience every company should aim to have for its customer.

How to Use Conversational Marketing in Lead Generation

They are things you need to do to generate leads using conversational marketing:

  • Capture

  • Qualify

  • Connect

Chatbots can be used for a one-to-one conversation on your website and in messaging apps like messengers, WhatsApp, Slack, or skype.

I. Capture

You can use chatbots to capture high-value leads. All you need to do is place a chatbot on the website or a messaging app. Here are the three pages where you can place your chatbots:

1.High-intent pages like pricing page, service page, the bottom of the funnel landing page

2. High-traffic pages like the homepage, blogs, and article

3. Blog article sections

When a customer lands on your e-commerce website, you don’t need to force them to fill the form or even push him to sign up for your newsletter. In most cases, he will want to check out the products you have.

That’s where you need a chatbot to do the work for you. A chatbot will ask questions like, may I help you to break the ice between the visitor and you. The conversation can go on, as the customers continue to look for their desired products.

From this conversation alone, you can know the customer’s intent purchase. That is how you will capture.

II. Qualify

The second biggest challenge in B2B lead generation is quality. Marketers struggle with getting high-quality leads. Since this is the case, a chatbot can solve this problem by asking potential customers questions that qualify them for the sale. That way, you will be engaging with qualified leads alone.

Every business will have an email list that is loaded with lots of potential leads. Experts say that sending emails often can improve your marketing results. This is not true.

Picture this example for instance. The customer goes to your website and fills up the form and sends it back to you. When you are unable to open that response immediately, you have lost that customer.

The truth is, you can capture the leads using email but the conversion and response rates will be low. If you want a high conversion rate, you have to improve the response rate. That’s where chatbots come in.

They will initiate the conversation, qualify the leads, and improve the response rate. That explains why research from Harvard Business Review states that if no one responds to a customer within the first 5 minutes, the chances of qualifying the leads drops by 400%.

Ill. Connect

One thing you have to understand is a chatbot won’t replace your sales and marketing team. The function of a chatbot is to serve as an intermediary between the lead and the sales and marketing team.

It makes the work of the sales and marketing team easier because they will only be working with qualified leads. Look at the chatbot like an assistant doing the lead qualification for you.

Now is the time for you to make sure that conversational marketing is part of your lead generation strategy.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/ways-to-use-conversational-marketing-to-generate-more-leads/

4 Lessons Learnt About Generating Insurance Leads

According to an Insurance Barometer study carried out in 2019, 60% of Americans are covered by life insurance. Of those who are covered 1 in 5 respondents say that they do not have enough insurance.

Do you know the best part? Half of the adults surveyed visited an insurance company website to seek more information and 1 out 3 purchased a policy online. What these statistics mean is, without a strong insurance lead generation strategy you can lose ready to buy clients.

The statistics also tell us that there are enough leads online for anyone that has the right insurance lead generation strategy. In this article, we are not going to focus on what insurance leads generation strategy to implement.

Instead, we are going to look at the lessons we can learn from different strategies people use to get leads. That way, you will know beforehand what is working and what is not.

Lesson #1. Contact Your Prospect First

It is no secret that 78% of the potential buyers will convert first when they are contacted. The key here is contacting your prospect first. It can either be through a phone call, email, or text message.

To improve your conversion, you have to follow up first and urgently. If you have been in the insurance industry for long, you will realize that contacting a prospect and initiating conversation is not easy. There’s always that fear on how the prospect will respond and the fear of rejection.

But you don’t need to worry about that if do the following:

Prepare How You Going To Contact Them

Zig Ziglar, one of the famous personal improvement coaches said that success will only occur when the opportunity meets preparation. That said, you must invest in deep research to understand your prospects much better. That way, you will be in a position to even anticipate their objections and have an excellent rebuttal when they bring it up. If you do that well, the potential prospect will understand that you have their interests at heart.

Be Conversational and Friendly

Your tone matters a lot when you are reaching out to potential clients. You must have a friendly tone. Never sound like you are having an official conversation with the prospect.

Prepare to Go All In

The mistakes insurance agents are making is treating the potential buyer like a check-off list. If you are seriously going to get the business to ensure that you give it your all. Practice every step of the sales system and master it.

Lesson # 2. Follow- up Accounts for – 70% of leads

The second biggest mistake insurance agents and companies make is they never take the time to follow up with the leads. Once they receive a no or rejection that is the end of the sale.

Think of it this way:

Sales is like dating. When you meet a lady, the first thing you will do is get her number. The purpose of getting her number is to keep in touch and inviting her for dates. During this dating period, the girl decides if they will be with you or not.

Even if she says no, maybe because she doesn’t know you. She will say yes if you persist. A lady can’t marry a man on the first date. That is exactly what happens with sales.

When it comes to generating insurance leads and sales, just like you do  on a date, you need to:

Create an Excellent Follow Up Routine

Your follow up routine on leads needs to have activities. Your routine should consist of calls or email marketing campaigns. Every month, you can decide to send a newsletter to your prospects to share more information or to educate them about the policy. The more you keep in touch educating your prospects, the more they will convert with time. The purpose of having an excellent follow-up system is to keep the lines of communication open.

Use Channels to Create a follow-up Campaign

It is the 20th century and there are so many channels to keep up with your clients. We have clients who rarely use emails, but they are active on social media. That said, if you are not using all the channels to follow up with your clients, you will lose potential leads and sales. 

Understand the Right Time to Follow Up

Every interaction with your client is not a follow-up time. Not the right time to do a follow-up. Sometimes, you can just pass by to say hi or share useful information with them.

Lesson #3: Respond to your prospects within 1 minute using a welcome email or SMS 

When you respond quickly it sends a different message to your client. Your client understands that they are important. In other words, first impressions are important.

Use the welcome email or text message to say hello to your potential leads to start that initial conversation with them. One way to respond quickly with potential leads is making sure your website is integrated with a signup form or landing page. That way, your response will be automated.

Lesson #4. Every follows Up Must have a Call to action

Depending on each channel you use, ensure you have a call to action at the end. A call to action is, the response you want to get after you have left your prospect a message, email or call. The call to action will include things like downloading a white paper on a certain topic, visiting your office, calling you, or even you having to visit them. That way, you will be giving them something to look forward to.


If you want to know whether your insurance lead generation is working is tracking and measuring the results. That’s because you can improve what you measure. Since you are in sales, you also need to know how many deals you close through the phone, emails, text messages, and social media. Tracking these stats will help you understand your strengths and where you can improve.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/4-lessons-learnt-about-generating-insurance-leads/

How to Drive Instagram Leads

Instagram leads

Have you always wanted to generate leads using Instagram? It is the dream of every aspiring entrepreneur to have more leads and sales.

That way, their business can grow and expand. The success of your business does not depend on using only one platform. The success depends on you taking full advantage of every platform and using them to generate leads.

It is 2020 and most businesses still don’t use Instagram to drive leads and sales. In this article, we look at ways entrepreneurs can use Instagram to drive leads and sales to their business. Let’s dive right in.

#1: Optimize your Instagram bio to attract leads

Brands have a big challenge using Instagram to generate leads. Unlike Facebook, Instagram won’t allow you to add clickable links to your post or comments. The only link you can add on your Instagram is found on your profile bio page.

Since Instagram gives you only the bio to add your links, you need to use it well. The first thing is to create a compelling bio with three elements:

  1. The content

  2. The link

  3. The profile image

The bio content is important because you can use it to drive leads. All you need is to make your content relevant and enticing. 

For example, you can use something like,” Get Our Car Insurance Quote.” The bio link is important because it allows visitors to find you and optimize the clicks.

#2: Create and share great content

The second biggest challenge a business faces with Instagram is creating relevant content for their fans. It is not easy to come up with great content unless you have a super creative team.

Before you start creating content, you first need to know your customers or clients. You need to identify their biggest challenge, their biggest fears, their biggest frustration, their biggest goals or perhaps what keeps them awake at night.

The content that works well for Instagram includes caption images, inspirational, motivational, and thought-provoking posts. It is so easy to create quotes using a tool like a word swag. All you need is to add text and fonts on the image and you are ready to go.

Content that helps one feel good also performs well on Instagram. If you have read content from Nonprofit organizations on Instagram you will notice that they attract lots of people because they make them feel good.

#3: Engage and promote

The main purpose of social media is to engage and keep in touch with your friends. Instagram will only give you the leads you want if you can keep its audience engaged.

One way to engage with your audience is to reply to every comment they make. Don’t be the person that throws out canned comments like, ‘’thank you” and forget.

Take your time and dig deeper so that you give thoughtful responses to their comments. That way, you will encourage them to always reply to your post and even ask you questions.

Engaging with your audience also builds trust and credibility with time. That said, we don’t mean now that you have to create long paragraphs. Share only what will add value to the user. Ways to do this:

  • Use emojis

  • Share related images

  • Reply with a funny GIF

  • Ask a follow-up question

#4. Share User-Generated Content

A lot of brands prefer to share their content on Instagram which is great. But did you know that user-generated content can amplify your brand and even generate more leads to your business?

Let me explain?

User-generated content is content that comes from your fans. Think of it as unpaid content. User-generated content makes it easier for people to trust your product or service. 

This is because people will trust what other people tell them about your company, product, or service online. That explains why people will first search for reviews about your business before seeking your services.

What that means is, if you have user-generated content on your Instagram page, you are ahead of your competition. Instagram is a great platform for creating user-generated content to build social proof or engagement.

#5. Go Instagram Live

Video content is great because it builds trust and credibility which increases leads. Using Instagram live features you can create live videos that will show up in your stories and viewers.

With live videos, you will be interacting with your followers in real-time. Instagram videos have a sense of urgency, once they’re gone, they’re gone. You can’t watch it later.

When you are about to go live on Instagram, your followers will get a notification and they will hoop on Instagram to watch you deliver content. Since Instagram video content can’t be saved, you can only promote it in the moment content such as:

  • Big announcements

  • New product teasers

  • Sneak peeks

  • Social contests

  • Live Q&A

If you want to generate leads from live videos make sure you include a call to action to motivate people to act quickly.

#6. Make Use of Instagram Stories

Instagram has lots of influencers in different industries that you can partner with them. Influencers work well with Instagram stories. The way to partner with a person is in the form of account takeovers.

Here an influencer will take over the company’s Instagram account for a specified period. During this period, the influencer will create content and post things that relate to the brand. 

That way, the content will also reach their audiences. Besides that, you can also utilize the organic story that disappears every 24hours.

#7. Tease On-Site Content

It is no secret that teasing on-site content can drive traffic and leads to your business. You can begin by creating a cool and clever Instagram post of different products and services you have.

Before you do that, you will have to make sure you have an excellent landing page for your site. Using this landing page, you will get Instagram traffic and leads. The landing page has to relate to what you posted on Instagram and motivate customers to give their email address or purchase something from you.

With these 7 tips, you will be in a position to drive leads using Instagram. If you would like us to help you, you can contact us right away.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-drive-instagram-leads/

How To Generate Leads Using Email

email leads

Email marketing is not dead. According to Experian, $1 invested in email marketing yields $44.25 in returns. This works if you know how to generate leads using email in the right away. The opposite can also be true if you don’t know how to use Email the right away. Since 90 billion emails are sent daily to meet business goals, there’s no doubt this number will ever drop. That said, you need to find a better way of generating email leads. The days of sending email blasts to a list that hardly know you are over. With such practices, your ISP can be blocked or prohibited from sending unsolicited emails to random people who don’t know you.

Instead of doing that, we will show you how intelligent marketers build leads and get prospects using emails. Are you ready? Let’s dive right in.

#1 – Get Permission From Visitors

If you are starting, the first thing you need is to ask permission from your audience to market to them. No one likes receiving unsolicited emails from strangers, it is spamming and your ISP can be blocked. What you need to do is ask them to fill the lead form on your blog or landing page. That will allow you to keep their email address and send them promotional offers. If they give you their name and permission, then they have accepted to be in touch with you. That’s a good sign of future sales.

# 2 – Create Special Offer for Them

No one will give you their email address if you don’t have special offers to give them. Worse still, if you have the same information, no one will be bothered to open and read your email. They will just go to delete or spam.

For your email marketing to be effective, first you need to study your target audience and find out what desires and frustrations they have. Then, you need to create offers that either helps them achieve their goals or solve the problems they have. That way, people will listen to you and will be looking forward to receiving your email.

# 3 – Address them Using their Name

Every target audience in your email list must feel like you are addressing him or her personally. That said, you must personalize your emails. You do that by using their name. While this will sound sensible, you might not achieve your end goals. Many marketing experts agree that too much familiarity may sound fake. What you can do in this case is to make sure that your content helps them achieve their goals and solves their frustration.

#4: Segmenting Your Emails

If you have been doing email marketing for a very long time, you will realize that most of your subscribers may not be on the same journey. That said, you need to segment your subscribers according to their interests or behaviors. That way, you will understand the group that needs more information and the group that is ready to buy your product or services.

Segmentation also makes it easier for you to send only relevant content to different groups of subscribers. You can track your subscribers’ behaviors by open rates, clicks, or sales. Other things you can track include, when subscribers signed up, which links subscribers clicked in an email or the kind of action on your landing page.

#5: Create Three Offers for Your Subscribers

The number one problem with retail shops is having too many products that they don’t promote. When online retail shops do email marketing, they add lots of products. The bad news is, people can’t buy all the products. It will just confuse them more. The poor attention span we have today is enough to deter someone from buying the products.  If you want to solve this problem, make sure you include three offers per message. More products will just confuse customers.

# 6 Create A Weekly Newsletter

Having a weekly newsletter will improve the results of your leads. Even when you are not in the news business, sending a newsletter related to your industry will get you lots of leads and sales. With a weekly newsletter you will achieve two things:

  • You will be recognized as the voice of your industry

  • Customers will remember your brand and reputation in the industry

#7 Make sure the basics are covered:

For your email campaign to work, you have to get the basics right. The basics things you have to get them right  include:

The Subject Line- The subject line has to be strong and engaging. Best of all, you need to avoid anything spammy. As a marketer, you also need to analyze the performance of the subject line with your customers. Things that you can test include a short subject line versus a long subject line. You can also improve how the subject line appears on your mobile phone.

The Content – Email content should be relevant to your audience. Each mail you send must have eye-catching images that are relevant to the message you have. As a marketer, you can carry out split testing to test email content and to see which one performs the best.

The CTA – Email should have a call to action. At the end of each email, you need to ask yourself what kind of action do you want the reader to take. The CTA should be clear and never distract the user from what you want him or her to do.

#8:  Linking to a Landing Page

One of the things most entrepreneurs forget is linking their email marketing to a landing page. What they do mostly is linked to a website or blog. Linking your email to a landing page can trigger conversions. One the other hand, when customers are directed to a blog post or article, they will be distracted which may not help you make the sales and conversions you need. Worse still, the customers may get distracted and they may not get the products or services they want. If you want to avoid this problem, make sure you guide customers to the checkout.

The Bottom Line

With these 8 ways, you will be in a position to generate leads from your email marketing campaign easily. If there’s one thing you need to remember is first understand your audience, their interests, goals, problems, and desires. Then you can tailor your content and create offers that will appeal to them.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-generate-leads-using-email/

6 Ways of Generating Solar Panels Leads

According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, 13.5 million homes installed solar power energy in the first quarter of 2019. This is an increase of 13% from 2018. What that means is,  whether you are starting or you are an established business, the industry is just about to soar as more and more people understand the benefit of solar energy.

While solar energy is still new to most people, the biggest challenge solar panel companies face is generating leads and improving their marketing. Solar panel marketing presents the challenge of those who know, who have, and those who don’t have.

To be part of the statistics of solar panel companies that are powering most of the American’s homes, you must find effective ways of generating leads. If you have been in the industry for long enough, you will notice that some proven marketing tactics can help you generate quick leads. 

In this article, we want to go through each of those marketing tactics that you can implement today to generate these leads. Okay, let’s start:

1. Come up With industry-specific Solar Marketing Ideas

If you look at the energy statistics, you will see that solar panel energy is on the rise as an alternative source of energy. Best of all, governments in different countries are formulating policies to ensure the demand for solar energy continues to rise.

For instance, if environmental concerns are a major factor to a customer, they will be inclined to install solar panel energy in their home. Also, the U.S. DoE has a policy that provides incentives to people and organizations who want solar energy on their premises.

While this industry is growing, advertising is becoming the biggest challenge it faces. That is because you can’t simply copy-paste marketing strategies from another industry and use it in the Solar panel industry.

To generate leads, you need to be super specific and address the problems that the average consumer is facing. That way, you will increase the demands of solar panels. Unless a customer sees that he or she needs it, they may not buy it. In other words, create an industry-specific marketing strategy.

2. Make Sure Your Companies Passes the Chasm

Solar power energy has two types of customers:

  • Those who saw the benefit of installing solar panels

  • Those who referred by people who installed solar panel

At the moment, the mass adoption of solar panels is still a pipe dream because we are between two stages–the start of adoption and the mass adoption. A report released by Geoffrey Moore calls this stage the “crossing the chasm”.

The “Chasm” stage is a challenging time for most solar panel marketers because it emphasizes on the mass adoption. That said,  marketers have to work twice as hard to generate leads. Most importantly, they have to ensure their message is reaching the right kind of people most of the time.

3. Have A Strong Referral System in Place

The Solar industry has survived because of having a strong referral system. It starts with your neighbor installing a solar system, you chat with them a little. The next thing you know, they are doing their research online to find out more about the company that sold you the solar panel.


That said if you want to benefit from this ensure you have excellent reviews from your past clients or customers displayed on your homepage, social media, and Google. That way, when someone reads them, they get motivated to buy solar panels from you.

The second thing your company can do is to ensure it has a strong link building strategy in place. If your company can get links from authoritative sources, it can increase your credibility. These two strategies are similar to word of mouth and they work like charm in solar marketing

4. Educate Your Customers Over Constant Advertising

It is the 21st century and no one wants to be bombarded with advertising. According to Hubspot, people are likely to leave your website because of annoying pop-up advertising.

Here’s what you need to do next. Instead of slapping people with advertisements, give them meaningful content will educate and drive them to install solar panels in their homes and offices. Create a content calendar that will address people’s needs, problems, desires, and goals. Great content will be an asset for your business because it will continue generating traffic and engaging people who want to learn more about your business. If you are not good with content curation, you can hire a content strategist and some few writers who will have the goal of educating your client.

5. Use Video to Build Trust

Video marketing works like a charm. Think of videos like meeting a doctor before they can treat you. The beautiful thing about video content is they can build your credibility and trust quickly. The things that you can showcase in the video are new sites, happy clients, and your company’s success stories. Showing videos will tell your customers that you are a trustworthy supplier with a successful track record.

6. Hire an SEO firm

SEO is important in digital marketing so is getting the right company that increases your Search Engine Results Page(SERP). Make sure the company you hire to do SEO does it thoroughly using ethical means. This is how you know SEO works for you:

  • When you hit page one, any marketing strategies you put in place will solidify your position.

  • At least 70% to 80% of people will skip ads and go for organic results.

  • When you attain position one, Google and people will see you as an authoritative source which makes people link to you. That way, you will increase the number of leads and traffic of your site.

While having an SEO strategy is a good idea, it takes time. This is a long-term ROI your business will reap in the years to come when you have the right time.

Even as you follow these 6 strategies to the core, there’s one thing you should never do. Never buy leads. The thing, most of these leads are outdated, irrelevant, and have names of people who will never call you. In other words, this is a big trap. But we also have to admit that, there are a few reputable companies that sell genuine leads. If you want such companies, do your research well.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/6-ways-of-generating-solar-panels-leads/

How To Generate Leads Using Facebook

Have you always wanted to learn how to generate leads from Facebook? Or maybe, you want to use Facebook ads to promote a lead magnet.

Whichever the way, Facebook ads are effective in building a database of people who love your products/services, or offers that you may have. That’s because its targeting is an exception.

Facebook is a bit different than Google. Best of all, the cost of advertising is cheap. In this article, we would like to show you proven ways of generating Facebook ads.

#1: Understand Your Ideal Customers

It’s no secret that Facebook is a crowded place and you only have a few seconds to get somebody’s attention. That said, you need to first understand the message you are delivering to your audience. The message has to prevent your audience from scrolling down further.

The only way to do this is first understanding your audience/customers very well. You need to know the problems they are facing so that you can figure out the best way to help them. That way, you will know how they feel, what kind of questions they have, and the language they use when communicating their problems.

Gathering vital information from clients or customers like this will make your Facebook ads relevant to them. Best of all, customers won’t scroll any further when they know your message resonates with them.

#2: Create a Free Incentive Your Customers Will Love

Your customers will worship you when you show them that you can solve their challenges or problems without sounding salesy. One way to do this is to offer them free incentives. Free incentives can be free ebooks, free charts, free gifts or resources they can use to solve some of their challenges. 

The freebies are called lead magnets. The key here is to have people download your freebies and use it. That way, if they achieve the results they will see you as an expert who has tons of value to offer. In the long run, they will trust you.

The best incentives must be easy for the customers to implement in their daily life. Things like a short checklist, templates, or video will work the best. The idea of having an incentive is for you to work on one small or solve a tiny problem for your customers. That way, a customer can have something that is already working for them before they even hire you.

The main goal for the freebies is to make that first impression and make your customers resonate with the product or service you are offering. If you don’t know what to offer your customers, look for the frequently asked question relating to their challenges. Sometimes the best you can do is to ask them. It looks tempting to offer generic incentives like “10 Top Tips” but don’t fall for it. Offering an incentive is your chance for you to stand out from the crowd.

#3: Set Up a Squeeze Page 

Your freebie has to reach many people who can access it. To do this using a Facebook ad, you need to host the offer on your web page to allow people to sign up and give you their email address. What you will need to do is to create a webpage called ” a squeeze page”. The purpose of this page is to help the visitor make a decision and give their email address.

Alternatively, a lot of software is available that you can use to create this kind of web page such as lead pages, Clickfunnels, Thrive themes plugin, and optin monster. These tools come with tried and tested templates that you can integrate with your email marketing provider easily.

You can use the squeeze page to provide benefits to your visitors. What you need to talk about are the results they will get when they download your incentives.

#4: Add the Facebook Pixel to Your Squeeze

A Facebook pixel is a simple code called cookie installed on your website or squeeze page. The purpose of this code is to track the actions taking place on your squeeze page and offering you the data on your Facebook ad accounts.

If you want to optimize and monitor your results, adding pixels is a must. All you need to do is to copy the code and past it in the header of your thank your page. If you are going to create a custom audience to use for retargeting you have to make sure that your pixels are in the right place and position.

#5: Choose Your Ad Targeting Options

Before you launch an ad campaign, you need to ask yourself, who do you want to see your ad. The first step is,  choosing the audience you want to target. The goal here is for you to define your audience. You can choose your audience from the 50 different filters Facebook offers.

If you have no clue about the specific demographics or behaviors of your ideal customer, targeting based on interests won’t make sense. That explains why before launching any campaign, it is vital you understand your customers.

However, if you still have more challenges, you can target broad interests instead of specific interests targeting. To find out the interests of your customers, you want to find out what books, magazines, events, or influencers they follow. It will also make sense when you look at what your competitor is doing on social media. If you want to take a deep dive into the subject, you can use Facebook’s Audience Insights to narrow down your research.

#6: Create Ads That Appeal to Your Audience

Now that you have everything in order, the next step for you is to create ads that will attract your customers into your email database. Here’s what you will do in a nutshell.

Create Your Ad

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager, and click create a new ad. The next thing you will have to choose a new campaign and then set the objective you have. You can either choose to increase conversions, traffic, or purchases.

The next step is giving your campaign a name and setting the minimum budget so that  Facebook can get you the results that you want. When creating an ad, remember to set the start and end dates as well.

After you run the ad for two to three days, you will have enough data to examine your results. You can use this data to see how your ads are performing and making the necessary improvements.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-generate-leads-using-facebook/

How To Use Twitter Strategies To Grow Your Business?

Just when the debate about the Facebook’s dominance on social media was doing rounds, Twitter came up with a brand-new idea. And no doubt, it strikes a perfect chord with the B2B brands and marketers.

The news is exceedingly positive. At present, Twitter has allowed users to post tweets up to 280 characters that is just the doubling up of its previous 140-character norm.

This means that the brands will now get a 140-extra character to promote their brands with pictures, twitter cards, videos and appropriate article links. They can exhaust up to a maximum of 280 characters per tweet. 

But then bigger is not always better in the world of B2B communication unless a publicist or the brand analyst utilizes the same in an immaculate manner. The message is clear; a brand has to deliver more value to its target audience in an easy-to-understand manner.

According to the latest survey by Pew Internet, around 81% of millennial uses twitter daily. Many among them might be a business entrepreneur or aspiring corporate tycoon.

So, brands should take more precautions while promoting their tweets as it would be viewed by people globally. Better the tweet, more responses it will fetch.

1) Make it Transparent:

Now, that a brand gets 140-extra characters to tweet, they should utilize it in the best possible manner. The new statistics from We Are Social claims that as of now around 2.80-billion people are connected to social media in one way or another. It represents 37% of the global penetration.

It prompts brands to concentrate more on their social media and e-marketing strategy. A tweet should now not only disclose the products that the brand represents, but also a little more about these products and their USPs. 

While trying to utilize the 280-characters, a company shouldn’t exaggerate or mention irrelevant stuff. The use of short yet succinct sentences could be sufficient in this regard.

2) Adding Links to Twitter:

With more characters to accommodate, posting a relevant article link to a tweet with an enlightening and exciting tease could be an apt way to promote the brand. Twitter has recently achieved around 8% increment in its revenue as claimed by the latest statistics a few weeks back.

3) Follow Robust Tweeting Policy:

After 280-character introduction, now companies have to use more witty tweets and relevant links to their tweets. Earlier, brands used to complete their full tweet within 140-character only, but now they have to insert 140 characters more.

Try to keep the tweet diverse and robust with relevant pictures, links, and videos if applicable.

The DSIM Statistics reveal that Twitter still acts as the fastest mode of response for B2B and B2C communication channels. Customers get their queries, and feedback addressed to within one hour after posting their concerns. 

78% of these users get their answers back from the company within a few minutes. The same goes for the dealers also. Twitter presents a viable platform for business owners and marketing team to talk to its dealers.

4) Quotes and Details:

Twitter also provides a search option. Companies and brand marketers can directly utilize the search options to know how many people are talking about similar products.

For example; if a brand wishes to buy 51 pieces of air conditioners at an attractive rate, then the brand can easily use the search box with “51 Acs” as keywords. Several results will be displayed on the screen. 

The company will then have to reply to the relevant thread giving a small description of his brand and quote its rates for supplying 51 ACs at the special bulk rate.

5) Communicate and Engage More:

Certainly, brands will now find it easier to communicate with the general people divulging more USPs of their brands than before. 

They can give extra information about the company’s products, new launches and offers and discounts. While doing so, the brand should never forget to add links to most of these tweets with elaborated descriptions and blog links.

A survey by HubSpot claimed that 92% of all Twitter users’ interactions are prompted via link clicks. So, brands shouldn’t miss out that opportunity when it comes to meticulous brand promotion and B2B communications.

6) Captivate User’s Attention at First Sight:

With the launch of newer social sites, somewhere the user’s attention is also taking a downward swing. Now, most users move to Facebook for social networking activities.

According to Our Social Times, Twitter’s rival Facebook has dominated the online advertising revenue in 2016. It got around 68% of total social media advertising revenue last year.

So, brands have to use Twitter creatively for most exposure and brand visibility. Within 280-characters, a brand has to tell maximum stuff about its products and services. Some links to the company’s official blog site (applicable to the tweet) and the website will be an added advantage.

With plenty of options, Twitter users tend to scroll down the tweets largely that don’t connect to them instantly. For B2B communication, a company should present the content in an easy to read manner with interesting titles and pictures.

7) Keep a tab on Social Media Analytics:

Mere posting of tweets won’t matter much unless a brand doesn’t analyze its social media stats on a frequent basis. A brand should regularly follow trial and error methods to understand the customer’s preference.

If brands continue to publish similar stuff and same messages repeatedly, then gradually its customers will lose interest in the brand.

So, a brand should analyze its trends of statistics regularly to get the feeling that what do the users want in the tweet? Posting interesting and knowledgeable stuff on Twitter is a safe bet in this regard.

8) Follow Your Competitors:

Following rivals on social media is the latest trend. All brands love to follow their rivals on twitter for a reason. The foremost reason for doing so is to know the kinds of tweets that the competitors post for their own B2B communications.

As of now, Twitter is a family of 313-million users worldwide according to the latest statistics from Emarketer. Responding to corporate messages on DMs is the need of the hour. 

All brands should attend to customer’s queries on time and try to clear their doubts at the earliest. Frequent customer interactions form a core strategy of a company’s B2B social media.

9) Larger Space gives More Freedom:

Earlier, several users felt that 140 characters were too low to reflect their opinion. Now that Twitter has doubled up space, each brand can weave magic with creative stuff. 

Twitter has claimed on its official Twitter Blog that only 1 percent of tweets reached the 280-character limit each day after the rollout of the new 280-character scheme.

So, people are still ignorant about the latest feature of Twitter. Companies should make the most of it by posting interesting things on twitter.

10) Stay Creative with B2B Marketing:

Many brand marketers still want to know more about Twitter optimization after the micro-blogging site’s new 280-character limit came to news. 

The starting few sentences should be intriguing, and then the link should be posted with a Twitter card bearing a relevant photo (relating to the brand or its products). Using hashtags with shorter words works really fine for B2B tweets with global reach.

The incessant competitions all around have now forced brands to rethink their brand strategy and B2B communication modes. Unlike the previous days, when only a few brands dealt with similar products, now the level of competitions is humongous among each other.

Brand loyalty and brand supremacy are the necessary aspects of any Business to business communication. Unless a product can create its own market, the future of the firm remains very bleak. And for market creation, a brand has to work hard each day with special emphasis on its social media marketing.

From taking necessary feedbacks from dealers and associates to directly listening to customers or posting regular updates on social media, adopting a cautious approach while dealing with the general public at large on social networking sites is a must for all brands.

B2b communication eventually aims at providing right goods to desirable customers at the perfect time. So, the entire channels of marketing and communications have to be upright and correct on Twitter and social media as a whole.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-use-twitter-strategies-to-grow-your-business/

How to Run an MCA Lead Generation Campaign on a Tight Budget

Business owners who run a merchant cash advance business understand that attracting new clients and generating leads that will get loans from their company is essential.

But what if MCA lead generation is expensive? Or what if you are starting with a tight budget to bootstrap your business? You will need to find a better way of getting the leads instead of buying a UCC list, using paid ads, or working with a merchant cash advance lead generation provider, which will cost you a lot.

What most business owners don’t know is that you can generate these leads using a minimum budget. In today’s article, we want to focus on the low-cost lead generation activities you can do on a minimum budget.

Know Your Main Target

The biggest mistake people make is targeting everyone in their market. Most business people do that, and they end up not understanding why they are not getting any leads. If you want to be efficient, you need to narrow down your target and focus on it alone. 

That way, you will build authority and attract qualified leads who will convert to sales very quickly. For example, you can be a merchant cash advance provider for the grocery business. Your clients will take you seriously if you have some specialty. That said, don’t be a merchant cash advance provider for everyone, choose a niche, and grow.

Chances are if you are a merchant who doesn’t even know their target customer, you will not be able know whether you meet their needs or not. Success in any business depends on whether you are meeting a customer’s needs and desires. You have to know your main customer in the following ways:

  • What they want

  • Where they live

  • What they can afford

Targeting your customers is defining who your customers are. The market that target should be measurable, sufficient for you, and reachable

For example:

A merchant’s target of mid-sized and small firms is not what we consider a measurable target. However, if the target market is within a 40 mile radius, with an annual revenue of $5 to $10 million and they are in need of  cash advance loans is a clear definition.

If you have a well-defined target market, then you will have a market that will sustain your business on an ongoing basis.

Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing will cost you less. All you need is first to identify your target market, find out their desires, goals, fears, and frustration, and come up with keywords they use to describe their situation. You can even go further by using various keyword research tools like aHref and Semrush, to find the keywords your clients are using to find information on the internet.

Once you have a good list of keywords, all you can do is create a blog or Youtube channel where you will publish your content and share it with your clients. The more content you share, the more you will attract organic traffic.

You can monetize this traffic on your website by creating a lead magnet on your website. If someone wants more information about your services, all they need is to give you their email address to get the information. When creating a lead magnet, make sure that the bribe you are going to create is something that helps your client immediately.

After creating content, the next thing you can do is share your links on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites

Optimize Your Content

Having a great website or blog with excellent content is not enough. The content has to be optimized for the right audience. That’s because 97% of customers start their search on the internet or from a local business directory. 

When we say optimization, we mean that your content has to be found on the internet and local business directory like Yelp.  So here are the ways you can optimize your content:

  • Search Engine Friendly URL

In 2008, Google’s Engineer Matt Cutts in an interview with Stephan Spencer told him a 3 to 5 word URL is optimal. In other words, Google places more weight on less words. That said, it is important to take note that a clean, search engine friendly URL structure is important for search engine ranking.

  • Optimized Title Tag

The title tag plays an important role in on-page SEO. The first thing you need to do is optimize the title tag of your main keyword. If possible make sure the main keyword starts at the title tag and make sure it is under 60 characters. A perfect optimized title tag will look something like this:

<title> MCA lead Generation Guide| What to know</title>

In that example, we are using the main keyword  at the start and the following with variations and modifiers that can help us boost our click-through rate (CTR)?

  • Optimized Meta Description

Meta tag descriptions are an important element when it comes to optimization although Google doesn’t pay much attention to them today. Perhaps you are wondering if Google doesn’t pay attention to meta tag description why we are optimizing them.

To improve our click-through rate (CTR).

A meta description is simply a visible description which Google uses to show content in the search engine results page. A well-written meta tag description is the difference between your website getting clicks or not. 

Besides that, it is widely known that CTRs are a ranking factor which Google uses to reward websites with a lot of ranking and search traffic. That said, it is important for you to optimize your meta tag description. Ensue that you have at least 160 characters or less. That way, Google won’t truncate your description.

Finally, while you write the meta tag make sure that you include the main keyword in the description with a good call to action.

Incorporate Call-to-action Activity

Any content that you publish either on social media or blogs must have instructions on what kind of actions you want your followers to take. The call to action can include liking, sharing, or simply asking your visitor to contact you for further information. You will need to state that clearly.

Business owners are going to take action on your website if you write the right words. Excellent wording will make people act on what you say. To make this happen, you need to:

  • Use action words

  • Create urgency 

  • Create scarcity

  • Minimize risk

  • Focus on value to the client

  • Get personal

  • Foster curiosity and anticipation

  • Avoid friction words

  • Show benefits and social proof

So where can you place the call-to-action?

At the Start of a Page. A CTA placed at the top of the page will attract visitors even before they have a chance to read your content

After a Blog Post. You can place the CTA at the end of the blog post to promote an offer or invite the reader to subscribe or get more information about your offers. People that read a whole article, will usually have some interest in getting similar content if they like your information.

Welcome gate. A welcome gate is a big lead page that invites people to subscribe. You can only use this form of CTA if you have lots of traffic coming to your website.

Do the Follow Up

A lot of business owners think they have a robust follow-up system in their sales pipeline, which is not true. To speed up your lead generation effort, you need a follow-up plan. The more you follow-up, the more you increase your chances of getting the lead. 

A solid follow-up system starts from the day a business owner reaches out to you,  putting them in the contact database, subscribing to the newsletter, sending special offers to them, up to the time they contact you by phone or email to inquire about the price or service. Each stage in the process must add value to the client.

Ask for Referrals

Chances are you have customers who you have serviced in the past, and they trust you because you exceeded their expectations. Such kinds of customers will give you good referrals from their circles if you ask them.

That said, any time you have exceeded the expectation of a customer, and they are satisfied, never forget to ask for referrals when the opportunity is there. The satisfied business owners will refer you to other businesses that may want a credible merchant cash advance company.

Ask for Reviews

Like we have said, before anyone buys anything from you, they will want to know what people say about you. They will go to your Facebook fan page to see what people are saying about you. Or they will go to Yelp or Google reviews. If you want to build a review of a satisfied customer, all you need to do is to ask your customer to share opinions about your services on social media. If you want to learn more about merchant cash advance lead generation, you can contact us. That way, we can show you the way forward on how you will generate these leads. Here at Lead Junction, we use a solid strategy to generate merchant cash advance leads for you.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-run-an-mca-lead-generation-campaign-on-a-tight-budget/

How to Select the Right Merchant Cash Advance Lead Provider

Let’s face it.

The merchant cash advance industry has seen lots of growth in the last few years. What’s more, the competition is also stiff. That said, it has become a challenging task to choose the right MCA lead provider for businesses.

According to James Shepherd of CC Sales Pro, for every ten brokers who enter this market, only one will be in business for the next six months.

Since MCA companies have a lot of challenges for themselves, you must choose the right vendor for your company. A vendor that will help you generate quality leads for your business.

Investing in the right MCA lead provider will help you save time and resources when they have an audience/client that you are looking for. The selection process is where most MCA companies fail terribly when they are selecting the right vendor to work with them.

In this article, we want to show you how to choose the right merchant cash advance provider for your company. But first, let’s look at:

Who is an MCA Leads Vendor?

The biggest challenge an MCA company has is generating leads. An MCA lead vendor is a company that takes the responsibility of generating leads from an MCA company. 

In other words, the MCA company pays cash to a provider in exchange for a list of small business owners who are interested in getting this cash.

If you are a loan provider and you are not getting enough MCA sales, then your best bet is to team up with a company that specializes in appointment setting or lead generation. Teaming up with such a company will save you the time and resources you need. 

What’s more, you will spend your time servicing your clients, knowing that the other person is taking care of the rest. Now let’s look at how to choose the right lead provider for your business.

Do They Have Refined Lists

The lead generation MCA provider you choose must have an excellent database of clients you want. Most importantly, they must have the client’s information in various areas, and the kind of business they operate.

The provider must have a refined database that is customized to your liking. That way, you are guaranteed to have the right clients that will convert very quickly. Having a customized database will also increase your conversion rate, which will make you increase your sales and ROI.

A complete list must have a name, company name, phone number, company address, position, and many more. Best of all, these should be businesses that have used merchant cash advance companies before, and they are in the middle of looking for another company. The more refined the list, the better it will be easier for you to sell your services. That way, you won’t waste any of your time making an introduction and orientation on how your loans will help them.

Once you have noticed, they have updated the database. The next thing is to find out if they have fresh, qualified leads interested in cash advances. The beauty of having an up and running database is that they provide genuine business owners who want loans.

Apart from having filtered lists, you also want to work with an MCA lead generator that understands your needs. Instead of just throwing at you a bunch of leads, they will ask you why you need these leads? What is the demand for? The MCA lead provider who approaches you will want fast to assess what you need and pair you with the list that makes sense.

That said, if the MCA lead provider doesn’t, in any way, ask questions about your business. You should get worried because they don’t have your best intention at heart.

Does the Provider Have Great Communication Skills?

Believe it or not, communication plays an important role when you are looking for a lead provider to partner with. The lead generation provider you work with must have understood your business goals, your prospective client profile you want to convert. 

While working with these providers, each of you must know each other’s expectations and requirements. That way, you will have a cohesive working relationship.

How Many Years of Experience Do They Have in Business?

Before you work with an MCA lead generation company, you have to know how long they have been in business. While having years of experience doesn’t mean they are experts in the business, but it will give you the right level of understanding they have about the niche.

Experience is something that affects the productivity and profitability of your company. A company that has experience will be in a position to share with you new insights and high-level strategies on how they generate leads. You will have a high level of enthusiasm, just working with them.

Do they Offer to Follow Up Services?

A right MCA lead provider who has offered you merchant cash advance leads should not stop there. They need to work with your team even after you have had the conversion.

An excellent MCA lead provider will assist your company in keeping track of your MCA leads. Some companies like Lead Junction will assist you in converting these potential clients to sales. One thing that we have noticed with most lead generation providers is that once they have provided you with the leads, they run away.

If you have worked with a Merchant cash advance lead in the past, then you know that only a small number of leads will do business with you. That said, your provider needs to keep track of those leads and help you convert them.

That is because those who know that understand that the leads they provided may be of no help to you at all. Next time you vet an MCA lead provider, ask them if they offer to follow up services to check the quality of their leads or if they can help with converting leads further.

How to Vet the Leads You Are Given/Choosing the Best MCA Leads

The main reason why the leads are failing to convert is that you don’t vet them properly. All they do is get the leads, and that is it. After you have chosen the right MCA lead provider, you need to ensure that you are getting the right leads for your business.

Evaluating these leads is necessary, and finding whether they can convert is even more critical. High-quality leads have a great chance to become long term loyal customers if your approach satisfies their needs. If you want to choose the best leads, here is how you should go about it:

  • Complete Contact: Ensure every lead you buy must have a detailed contact. Detail contacts include email ID, Business ID, Business Address, Phone Number, Name, Position, and other details.

  • Time in business: How long a company has been in business determines its purchasing power and whether it will be a high-quality lead or not. The thing is, you need to work with the person who understands the value of what you are offering and how it can help their business. Work with leads that have at least a minimum of 6 months to 1-year operation in the industry.

  • Monthly Revenue: Revenue and cash flow are vital because they show the financial health of a business. Check for the business’s monthly revenue or bank deposit they have at the moment. That way, you will have a clue on whether you can work with those leads or not. MCA is a business that depends on future sales. What that means is, you need to work with a company that has a stable revenue system in place because that shows they can payback.

  • Small Business leads: You also have to ensure that any lead you work with must not have existing bankruptcy or loans. Make it a policy to work with leads that don’t have existing bankruptcy for the past two years and those that have current loans. If the leads have not paid in full their existing loans, what makes you think they will repay your future loans. In other words, you need to work with leads who have a clean slate.

  • The contact is the Decision Maker: The best MCA leads have decision-makers and not some assistant talking on behalf of the company. For every lead you vet ensures that it has the critical decision-maker or chief operator of the business.

Buying MCA leads can take your business to the next level if you work with the right MCA lead provider and excellent MCA leads. Lead Junction is a reputable company that has been in business for a very long time. 

We have an extensive database of happy clients who regularly come to buy fresh leads. We do appointment setting, and merchant cash advance live transfers. All these kinds of leads are tailored to meeting your business needs. Feel free to contact us about the MCA leads so that we can work with you and help you generate leads.

Source: https://www.leads-junction.com/how-to-select-the-right-merchant-cash-advance-lead-provider/